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justti hypoallergenic titanium

JUST-TI Earrings

Hypoallergenic Trendy Titanium Earrings



We are proud to offer earrings that are truly hypoallergenic and trendy. 

All of our earrings are made with titanium posts or hooks meaning you can wear them with confidence. No more itchy ears! 

titanium earring on white cloth

Why Titanium?

Ultimate Earring Metals Guide


  • I gave them to my wife for her birthday on
    Saturday and she’s been enjoying them very much.  No discomfort or
    irritation - she’s quite impressed!

    On Apr 22, 2021, at 11:02 AM

  • Hi Chantal, This is Cindy

    (I emailed you a couple weeks ago, and you were very helpful). I wanted
    to let you know that I loved my first order of the earrings. They were all very beautiful!
    I loved them so much that I
    made a second purchase a few days ago! So, I'm wondering if that means the order has been shipped? I really appreciate it if you could let me know! Thanks again! 🙂 Best regards, Cindy C.


  • I just
    placed and order for some earrings. My husband ordered me a pair for my
    birthday in April and they have been fantastic! 
    My ears are so sensitive and your earrings have given me no issues.Thanks
    so much and thank you for your great product! Karen 2021-05-31

  • Hi! We haven’t ordered yet but when I read your about us, I thought this is us!  My daughters and I only want fun earrings like they see at Claire’s but not a possibility for us as we all have SUPER sensitive ears!  Thank you for this.  Order coming soon! New customer message on July 28, 2021 at 12:31 pm


  • Today
    I received the four pairs of earrings I ordered from you and have been wearing
    one of the pairs for over six hours and my ears aren't painful, red or
    swollen!  Thank you!  I can wear earrings again. 

    September 9, 2021 at 10:47 pm

  • Thanks for your prompt response, Chantal. I am looking forward to wearing your earrings, I
    haven't been able to wear earrings for years! I have recently tried plastic
    posts and those weren't the best, I still got red and itchy ears it just took
    longer to develop than other metals. So 🤞🏼 titanium will be the way for
    me to go! I also try and support local or Canadian companies as much as I
    can. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Thank you!

    I haven’t been able to wear earrings for years  as they immediately make my ears unbelievably
    itchy and swollen. I have tried so many that were labeled “hypoallergenic” and
    same reaction. I ordered from you and they came super fast and no itch! Now I have to decide on some to use with your interchangeables. Thanks so much. October 18, 2021

    Heather Davis