The Best of Interchangeable Earrings

The Best of Interchangeable Earrings

As everyone is exploring this summer’s trends for accessories, are you bummed out by a skin allergy? Why should an allergy limit you? Have the freedom of unlimited looks with Ti-Go earrings! Our interchangeable earring line launched last year, and we have continued to expand the number of styles available. You can now choose from over 90 magnetic earring toppers to match any outfit or occasion. With our patented design you are free to use colors and styles you might have considered impossible with a nickel allergy. If you want to wear a classic pair of studs for the workday and switch to a bold geometric design for an evening out with friends, you can change your look in seconds. What if you get asked out instead? Not a problem! Just slip on a delicate charm for your date. No matter where your day takes you, TI-GO earrings are ready to go with you!


Let’s talk about some of the possible cons of interchangeable earrings. Sometimes interchangeable just means you can choose between a few different charms to hang on your hoops, which is nice, but still quite limiting! TI-GO magnetic studs and toppers allow the entire earring to be changed, not just a charm or a colored bead. Even though the back is the same, it looks as if you are wearing a whole new earring. Another worry is that the changeable part of the earring may come off more easily. The Ti-Go base studs have very strong neodymium magnets and were tested extensively. You slide and twist the base a little so that it fits neatly inside each earring topper. The combination of the snug fit and the magnet make it almost impossible for the earrings to come apart under normal wear.


The key benefit of interchangeable earrings is their versatility. Now, even with metal sensitivity, you can express your personal style with a variety of accessories. They are easy to use and can be changed in a matter of seconds. Just keep a few favourites in your makeup pouch or the car and you can switch in an instant!


Allergies require buying higher quality metals and hypoallergenic jewelry. Of course, higher quality accessories are more expensive than off the rack costume jewelry. Our TI-GO base stud is made of medical-grade titanium, so it is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, even overnight! The best part is that they are very affordable. Once you have a pair of base studs you can buy as many toppers as you want. This is a great way to save money on earrings!

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