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Truly hypoallergenic earrings explained!

JUST-TI titanium earrings only for people with allergies? NO,  our earrings are not only for people with allergies, the reason being is because many fashion earrings out there are sourced out and are not verified to see what metals are alloyed together, you may be wearing earrings that the post is made of lead or cadmium or other toxic metals , and any jewelry ( piercings) that sits in your skin for prolonged periods of time can be dangerous. Sweat or showers or any moisture combined with the metal exposed to your skin can have some of these toxic metals leach in your body, bracelets or necklaces that have air space are not as worrisome as jewelry involving piercings. In...

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Guide to buying titanium earrings:

So, you are searching to buy titanium earrings because you have sensitive ears or a nickel allergy. You are convinced that titanium is the best metal for earrings. This is even so if you do not have an allergy to other metals. Medical science now knows that allergies can happen later in life if you are exposed to certain metals. So off to the store you go…  Well, most stores do not carry studs and hooks made from titanium. In fact, often they may claim that they are titanium but they are actually made from stainless steel which contains up to 12% nickel. Buying with confidence is difficult especially if they are made in China. Most earrings on the market...

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