Truly hypoallergenic earrings explained!

JUST-TI titanium earrings only for people with allergies?

NO,  our earrings are not only for people with allergies, the reason being is because many fashion earrings out there are sourced out and are not verified to see what metals are alloyed together, you may be wearing earrings that the post is made of lead or cadmium or other toxic metals , and any jewelry ( piercings) that sits in your skin for prolonged periods of time can be dangerous.

Sweat or showers or any moisture combined with the metal exposed to your skin can have some of these toxic metals leach in your body, bracelets or necklaces that have air space are not as worrisome as jewelry involving piercings.

In Europe, they have a nickel directive not allowing any jewelry that contains 0.5% of nickel to be sold in piercings When we shop for our food, we look at labels and we check to see the ingredients, we should consider the same when we expose ourselves to toxic metals in jewelry.

We take the guesswork out for you and we make sure that we verify that you are wearing is safe.

All our  post or hooks are made of the proper medical grade titanium ( not all grades are right for jewelry, for instance, some titanium grades is used for aircraft parts) As for the earring part that is attached to the titanium post or hooks, these are made alloyed metals, they no not sit on your skin, therefore are safe to wear, it would be very costly to make our earrings all in titanium, our goal here is to finally have a large selection off, trendy earrings that are truly hypoallergenic!

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  • Noëlla Paquet

    Oui je suis très contente
    De mes boucle d’oreilles.
    Très bonne qualité

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