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How do I Know if my Earrings are Nickel Free

A nickel allergy is a type of contact dermatitis, which is an inflammatory skin condition. People with a nickel allergy develop an immune system response when nickel comes in contact with skin, a metal commonly found in jewelry, including earrings. The allergic reaction occurs because the body mistakenly identifies nickel as harmful. What you might see: Redness and Rash: The most common symptom is redness and a rash on the skin where the earrings come into contact. This rash can be itchy and may develop within 12 to 48 hours after exposure. Swelling: The affected area may swell, becoming more pronounced around the site of contact with  earrings containing nickel. Blisters and Bumps: In some cases, small fluid-filled blisters or bumps (vesicles or...


💎A New Era of Elegance: The Rise of Titanium in Modern Earring Design

Titanium is a very shiny silver metal. It has metal’s highest strength to weight ratio, which means that for being so light, it is surprisingly strong! This versatile metal is durable, it doesn’t rust, and it is biocompatible. Where does titanium come from? When supernovae occur, large amounts of titanium are formed. Fittingly, the scientist named the new element after the powerful sons of the Greek Earth Goddess, Gaia, the mythological Titans. Along with the nearby iron, copper, silver, gold and tungsten, this transition metal is part of the main group of metals that make up the earth. In fact, it is very common! Unlike some metals, which are mined in large deposits, the advantage of titanium is that it’s...