Guide to buying titanium earrings:

So, you are searching to buy titanium earrings because you have sensitive ears or a nickel allergy. You are convinced that titanium is the best metal for earrings. This is even so if you do not have an allergy to other metals. Medical science now knows that allergies can happen later in life if you are exposed to certain metals. So off to the store you go…  Well, most stores do not carry studs and hooks made from titanium. In fact, often they may claim that they are titanium but they are actually made from stainless steel which contains up to 12% nickel. Buying with confidence is difficult especially if they are made in China. Most earrings on the market are from China. If you are going to buy titanium earrings you need to know more about titanium so when you buy them you buy with confidence.

For example: The earring shown in the photo below is claiming to be titanium.                                                                            Notice that the pin that goes into the ear lobe is gold. Titanium is a silver colour. Even if it is silver, the manufacture often will use stainless steel.

  Titanium is the best element for pierced earrings as it has been proven to be safe and does not cause irritations.

“Evaluation of skin sensitization potential of nickel, chromium, titanium and zirconium salts done by Ikarashi et al.,[48] proved that a significantly large amount of titanium ion was required to elicit a skin reaction.

We test our earring posts, hooks and earring backs to assure they are the correct grade of titanium. Every earing on our website measures up to this level of quality.


Above is a XRF: “X-ray fluorescence analyser” It can precisely identify elements such as titanium from magnesium to uranium. You need to be certified to operate it.

Conclusion: When buying earrings, it has been proven that titanium is the best metal. But you must be sure it is titanium and the correct grade. At earrings you can be sure you are getting the correct titanium at the best price.                                                     


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