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TI-GO Magnetic Stud Base
TI-GO Magnetic Stud Base single
TI-GO Magnetic Stud Base
TI-GO Magnetic Stud Base

TI-GO Magnetic Stud Base

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TI-GO is a collection of earrings that can be detached from one another. They're hypoallergenic, lightweight and are great for sensitive ears or people with metal allergies.

Just-ti Earring Base Studs are made of medical grade titanium and have neodymium magnet technology to make them interchangeable with different Just-ti styles. The magnets and a patented attachment function provide a secure fit. Can be worn comfortably overnight and stay in ear for up to a month. All our products are inspected with an XRF to assure the correct grade of titanium.

The TI-GO magnetic Stud can be worn with or without the attachments. Magnets have been known to give health benefits. Search "magnetic therapy". 

The TI-GO magnetic Stud Base must be purchased separately. There are 87 earring styles available at (please see our video). New styles will be coming soon.

Material: Machined titanium and neodymium magnet. Earring backs or clutch is also made of titanium.